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Comic Stripper, stripped

January 3, 2010

My first attempt at comic strip. Co-incidentally it is on “the” comic-“stripper” of IIM Kozhikode


Suicide note!!!

November 29, 2009

“On this date, 29th of November, I am declaring that I will commit suicide on 10th December 2009. I will immerse myself in crude oil (unadulterated) which I will buy from a company which is not even remotely related to Schulmberger. I believe that this act of mine will deny Schlums another chance of selling a gallon of oil ( I know they are into exploration & not selling so don’t point out the obvious & prove me wrong. Anyways I am going to die, so these petty mistakes doesn’t matter to me) and will eventually lead them to bankruptcy. Anyways, they are willing to get bankrupt by giving their employees freebies (like Euro-trip).
I am especially frustrated at the way the world has treated me. First it conspired against me by sending me friends who dragged me in front of girl’s hostel (in front of Ms Schulms) and then sent Vivekanand (who by the way is dying with me in the same gallon). As if that was not enough, Schlums came for campus recruitment. I prepared hard & even asked questions during the presentation. I had my friends clap on my responses to gain credibility & popularity with the recruitment team. I cleared the written test which my nemesis Vivekanand failed to. But then, the team asked technical questions in the interview. How could they even think that a student of NIT Jamshedpur will be able to answer anything related to Mechanical engineering? Don’t they understand that there is a life beyond studies and knowledge? Weren’t they students at some point in their life? I always knew that an army man in the panel was going to be trouble. They have this natural inclination towards the fairer sex.

So here I am, working for an Indian firm, on-site, in-dirt, and there she is, on a never ending Euro-trip. And alas! She is getting married on 10th. Yes Sir! She is. And I have decided to end this worthless life of mine.”

Signing off from life
Vivek Sinha (with inputs & support from Viveknand)


(:) COLON-ialism

September 29, 2009

The emoticons are celebrating. Their days of oblivion is over now. They have found a messiah. It seems that the lord himself has taken avatar to bring out the glory of emoticons. Yes, Vineet Saini has decided to adopt them, embracing them as his children, vowing to never leave them alone. The long days of suppressed anger are now a thing of the past. A past where emoticons were only either happy or sad. Other emotions were just ignored as if they didn’t exist. A few saints did try to put voice into them (Yahoo!), but they forgot that emotions can’t be portrayed by speaking alone. They are expressions of sorrow and joy, peace and anger, love and despair. Emoticons had given up, all hopes lost, accepting oblivion as a part of life.

Then happened CAT-07, this CAT gave IIM Kozhikode a 100 percentiler and emoticons a ray of hope. As normal people were busy celebrating, this person had come with a mission to accomplish. Every thing was set in place, all the pieces were falling together. He was just waiting for Google to launch their new family of emoticons. Then the wheels set into motion. Millions across the world received an innocent looking file called theme.exe with a request to run the application. What followed was something they could never have imagined. All these innocent victims were greeted by a good morning emoticon (:gm) in the morning and :gn (good night) at night. :angry made them repent while :ilu lead to :B (blush). Birthdays became :bday and parties were forgotten. The world was finally recognizing the power of emoticons. They were assertive and they were direct. They had a shimmer in their eyes as was never seen before. In no time they took over the empire that humans had taken centuries to build.

Mankind is now a secondary species, preceded by a colon (example, :khannu). And the saint is laughing (on Facebook :haha)


The Place I belong to

September 25, 2009

I am from Jhumri Telaiya.

Yes, the place does exist!

No, it is not a mythical place from Bollywood movies!

No, I have never requested any song on All India Radio (AIR). “Pandey Ji Pan Dukan Waala” (beetle shop owner) does that!

I have been hesitant all my life to tell people where I come from. Though I have spent most of life in Hazaribagh (another town which needs introduction), but the truth remains that my roots are still in Jhumri Telaiya (and so is my permanent address). Telling people that I belong to Jhumri Telaiya is a dramatic experience as is evident from the opening statements.

Consider this, telling Dinesh (my batch-mate at IIM Kozhikode) about my origins took him to the verge crying (with happiness). Being a movie freak, he always believed that the place is a myth created by the movie industry. He had to touch me (I am exaggerating!) to see if I am for real. And obviously he started treating me with awe & respect from that time onwards.

Here is another one, my IIM interviews (those are the ones I remember as of now) invariably opened with a question or two about the place that I belong to. Being a seasoned interviewee (10 interview calls!), I could chat away for 5-10 minutes saving me the ordeal of describing myself (the dreaded about me questions). You see, being from an unusual place isn’t that bad after all.

Just to wrap things up, I will tell you all what the residents of Telaiya thought (actually I believed in it in my childhood). We (I) thought that the Jhumri Telaiya which is repeatedly mentioned in the movies is actually some place near Mumbai. My grandparent’s Jhumri Telaiya is not the one in consistent lime-light.

Eye-opener: Jhumri Telaiya is a small town in Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar). It is also known for Mica (a mineral). Hazaribagh is 60 KM away from Jhumri Telaiya and was a favorite holiday place for Britishers.

An appeal: I commend the efforts that Bollywood has undergone in putting Jhumri Telaiya on world map. But I sincerely request the reputed film-makers, not to use the name only in cheap sounding numbers. If you can, maybe you should try mentioning the place in better lights. Jhumri Telaiya is (seemingly) a myth created by Bollywood, and Bollywood should pay homage.